Monday Hangover

Well this weekend was quite packed with stuff to do.

Friday we had Free Pizza Friday at JWH. Met up with some friends. Torino, Commando, Tallegdega, Frumpy, German, and a whole lot more people were there, even Jackass’s parents were there. It was nice low-key. I probably should apologize to Frumpy, gave here more shit then usual. She’s like a little sister to me, and how we roll in our family is we tease each other, she got a couple shots in which makes me laugh.

Saturday I had a few bdays to go to, but I fell asleep, woke up about 11pm. Got to one birthday, and did a shot with an old friend. I could not stay too long, had another bday to attend. When I got to JWH, they were there, later I found out they went to another bar and didn’t notify anyone.  Oh well I had a good time, me and Torino hit things hard, and I did a little bar tour, even ended up at Kickoffs, and then to White Castles…Ugh.  From what I hear Torino had a real good day, drinking until 10am. Oh dear.  That’s drinking like a boss.

Sunday came and I was hurting a bit. I had to go to at least one Mass, so I crawled my sorry ass out of bed, and went to the noon mass. I was mildly surprised my Grandpa showed up, I usually ask what mass he’s going to so I can go to the same one, but he wasn’t feeling good saturday so I didn’t think he was going to make it. So it was a real nice surprise.  So after a nap, I was going to go to JWH for one or two drinks and sit on the patio and watch the world go by.

That wasn’t meant to be. Tallegdega, Passion, Sissy, Ice were all there celebrating, Jackass showed up, and even Black Dynamite was there. Yeah let’s just say I passed my one or two quota. At the end of the night, Jackass and me got into a heart to heart talk. There’s not much I could say to take away the pain, the only thing I can do is to keep doing what I’ve been doing, and be there for him.

So I am hurting a tosh today, I’m way out of practice. Overall though I had fun, and I haven’t had that much fun in some time.

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