Monday Hangover

Well for most of the weekend I was pretty good. Friday stayed in played some video games. Then Saturday went out to dinner with my father, and brother. We hung out with him awhile, and then he started crying. He said he was happy. Me and Bro made him laugh again by cracking jokes. It’s hard to see my father cry. He was my hero growing up, larger then life, I feared and respected him. It’s wierd seeing him in this state. It sucks growing old. 

After that I went to a bonfire, it was an old friends birthday it was a nice mellow time. my friend girlfriend made dates, wrapped in bacon. They were fricking good. I am a firm believer anything wrapped in bacon is tasty.We were talking about the changes in our friends lives, and Towelie brought up a point. We are sad because we don’t like change. He’s right part of the human condition I guess. I called it an early evening.

Went to Mass Sunday with my Grandfather, and breakfast. It was nice.  Then I went to work for a couple hours, it was easy. Then I went to a party. There it got a little nutty, a bunch of girls getting drunk, acting fools.  I had a good time, but I left around 1030. I should of been in heaven pretty girls making out on my lap for christs sake. Part of me wasn’t.  I don’t know sometimes even in a crowded place surrounded with my friends. I feel alone still.

I went home, smoked a cigar on my balcony. As I watched the smoke go to the sky, my brain wandered. Did I make a mistake with Ginny? Was I unfair?  I do love her, but why did she have to do those things? why did she try to decieve me?

In the end of the night, I put my cigar out. As the last of the smoke flew up to the sky, I added the days regrets onto the pile, and went to bed…alone.


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