Moving On

It’s funny, I always had a special place in my heart for Ginny. It will be hard for me to move on.For the past ten plus years she has been a part of my life in some form or another. She sent me a text out of the blue, saying she was going to post this picture, in the picture it said, ” I was thinking of getting back with my ex, then again I was thinking of taking a shit in my hands and clapping”  How was I suppose to respond to that. I was I that bad of a boyfriend, when her parents kicked her out I took her in, when she needed money I gave her money, when she had any problem, I helped her solve it.  I didn’t beat her, even though she may say I treated her like shit, I gave her a foot massage almost every day. If that’s treating someone like shit, I really would like someone to treat me like shit too.

 When I heard she went on dates, when we were broken up for a short time, then most recently one of my friends saw her out in public all lovey dovey with a guy. Even though I told my friend I didn’t care, I guess it was the final knock out I needed to realize that if I’m easily replaced then maybe I didn’t mean as much to her, as I did . I mean if you loved someone alot don’t you need a little time to heal, and not jump right back into the saddle.

Maybe it’s just me, perhaps I was just a diluted fool. The japanese say you fall down 7 times, you get up 8 times. It’s one thing us Cavelles are good at it’s surviving, so I’ll pick myself up once more, dust myself up, and live my life.

It started yesterday, there I was  at my favorite bar, with my favorite friends in the whole world, watching my favorite football team, beat up a team I hate, at the end I had pretty girls dancing with me, and I was having tons of fun, and sharing tons of laughs. 

Life is good.


11 Responses to “Moving On”

  1. I’m glad you are moving on. That was a pretty immature move on her part. She knew it would hurt you and she did it out if spite. I hope she’s reading this so she is aware that I don’t like her or trust her, I haven’t for quite some time actually. I wasn’t in your relationship and I know you can be a real pain in the ass sometimes, but the disrespect she showed you (many times) is inexcusable. Someone who walks around constantly in turmoil and who gets off on hurting others is not worth your time. Remember Riv, it’s not you, it’s her.

    • I really don’t give a fuck who likes me and who doesn’t you have nothing to do with this relationship so you need to back off

      • When my friend is hurting and continues to be hurt over and over, I’m going to eventually say something. Especially when all of this nonesense has been posted on Facebook. If you don’t want someone to form an opinion, don’t post your business on a social media site. One minute you’re dating my friend and within the same week you’re posting about some guy who is going out of town and how you miss him so much. Really, make up your mind and stop crushing the hearts of my friends in the process. Does it make you feel better about yourself to hurt people?It sure seems to be the case because I have two great guy friends that I know who have had very similar experiences with you and your antics.

      • So him making nasty comments about me on facebook after texting me and calling me a name and what about when he has to posts picture ifs girl kissing him during that fucking week! You ever think about the shitty things and how he disrespected me of course not Sherry, you didn’t see shit,you weren’t there for our entire relationship! His own brother and sister in law defended me, because he was acting crazy, I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone and never meant to but, I’m not taking all the blame, I know I wasn’t perfect and he wasn’t either. I still love him and always will. But its sad that we couldn’t get along.

  2. Remember the mean things you said to me? I guess your friends don’t know, yes there was times where it was amazing but then you could say really hurtful things to me. And your friends have nothing to do with our relationship and don’t know everything that happened, and like you always said to me when you where joking “mind your place” well I think some people need to do that! Yes I did read this and yes I was angry for things he said, I didn’t say anything and things blew up for no reason, I still think of you Riv and honestly I do still love you, but your the one that fights with me, why? I was trying hard to talk to you. But I know you and i need to move on. You

    • You where the one that said I was the bad one. when you made nasty comments about me to your friends.

      • I’m sorry did I post nasty shit about you on facebook,and when you text me calling me names then went and posted it on facebook and someone messeged me because obviously you had to Delete me, I had people coming to me and telling me that, you posting a picture of a drunk girl kissing you and I went with a friend and told him I didn’t want to see him, but I’m the bad one?

  3. by the way I was sending that text to my friend Tiffany because she is going through a divorce with her Ex husband and that was not at all to go to you as soon as I seen it sending to you I tried to stop it was too late. I would never send something like that to you I still care about you alot, I still miss you alot

  4. by the way I was sending that text to my friend Tiffany because she is going through a divorce with her Ex husband and that was not at all to go to you as soon as I seen it sending to you I tried to stop it was too late. I would never send something like that to you I still care about you alot, I still miss you alot. And for number one ,please back off you weren’t there all the time and you have no damn clue what are relationship was about!

  5. And I posted that because I was pissed I had nothing going on, I went out with a friend I told this guy I wanted to only be friends and nothing more, I didn’t even kiss this person and told him that I still loved my Ex and wanted him back, he understood and that was that, I started talking to Riv again and everything was good for a little bit and he started with the comments again and rehashing everything over again when he already forgave me for it.

  6. It doesnt matter anymore! those are his favorite words to say to me. or tell me that he never said anything bad about me and wouldn’t blog about me again. bullshit! And he can’t trust me? lol wow

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