Kentucky Fried – My Trip Pt 1

Hi I’m back. Miss me. Well the reason I didn’t have much to write about, and what little I did want to write about would of been just me bitching about life in general. Really who wants to read me bitch and moan about my shitty life.

Not this time, I took a trip back down to Kentucky. I went down there in 2005, and I just love the people down there, especially the pretty southern girls, but I digress and will get back to that later.

Journey Begins –

I started my journey in rainy, and cold weather. As I drove down south it stopped raining and started to warm up a bit. As I was driving down, I past countless…countless farms, until I reached a windmill farm. As far as the eye can see were these behemoth windmills, that were spinning in the wind. It was very surreal, and a little disconcerting driving with these moving blades. It’s up there though as one of the cool things I’ve seen in my life. Other then that the trip was uneventful, I listened to music. XM radio was best investment ever, as I drank Monster Rehab Orange. So no danger of falling asleep at the wheel.  I took a dinner break at an Arbys in Kentucky, and their fish sandwiches were pretty good. Hey it’s Lent I had to be a good Catholic boy. In Arby’s there was some Amish chicks, ugly as sin, but I was still ever so tempted to say something, but I resisted. At the end of my journey, I got a little lost. One thing I noticed is in Kentucky, it’s really dark at night, probably because there is no light pollution. When I got to my hotel, it was an ok room, clean, and the bed was sleepable in. I really didn’t do anything first night I was there except I did go to Walmart to get something to snack on, and drink. I was pretty tuckered out so I went to bed.

The Reason I Went –

So I got up about 8:30am, I shitted, showered, and shaved….crap no deorderant. Well I got to get breakfast too, so might  as well stop at Walmart and get some deorderant. It was 70’s and sunny, a perfect day to travel around and sightsee.  When I came out of Walmart, I saw a Cracker Barrel. SCORE! I love that place. So I went there. I got my table. I hear a lovely southern accented voice, “Can I get you something to drink?”  As I looked up and saw the most prettiest waittress I ever saw, I forgot what I wanted…hell I forgot who I was. Few seconds later I regain my cool. So I ordered, and after I ate I worked up some nerve to ask her what’s a good bar in town. She goes the Old Tavern is pretty happening. I asked if she’s gonna be up there, she replied, “I just might”

So I head to Maker’s Mark Distillery  Not really too much has changed, but when I get there they give me a name badge, and a piece of parchment stating that I was an Ambassador, and that they were happy I was there. I go through the tour, and they allow us to taste their new whiskey. Maker’s 46, thus named because it’s the 46 recipe that they liked, and Maker’s clear which is their uncut whiskey…think moonshine. The Clear almost tasted like Tequila, while the 46 was much smoother. Last time I was down there Maker’s Mark was in a dry county and couldn’t give out taste tests. So this was an awesome treat. Then they gave me bottles from my barrel. Let me explain, back in 2005, I put my name on a barrel. When the whiskey is ready, Maker’s Mark tells you and you can go down to the distillery and get bottles from your barrel. So they gave me my bottles, I had to label it myself and it says made for my name is on the bottle. I then had to dip it in the wax myself. Which was pretty cool. I had to pay for the whiskey, but 35 bucks a bottle about, little less. To have your name put on the bottle worth the 8 years I waited. These bottles are going to wait until a very…very special occasion.

I left Maker’s Mark thinking I hope I can make it down again….but the day isn’t over…but you’re going to have to wait until my next post to listen to the rest of my trip..

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