Kentucky Fried – My Trip Part Dos

After Maker’s Mark I had plenty of time left, so I decided to hit some other distilleries. I hit Heaven Hill Distilleries next, they make Even Williams, Old Fitzgerald, and the new Larceny Whiskey which I wanted to try. The tour was very informative, and I learned alot about the history of whiskey there. I also learned that if you open a bottle of whiskey 12 months it’s starts losing it’s flavor, and starts to go bad, so if you order a whiskey from a bar, and it isn’t clear and it appears a little cloudy when you look at it, It’s bad. Luckily if you don’t open it, it lasts forever. Though I don’t think I’ve ever had a bottle last longer then 12 hours, let alone months.

Then when I went to Jim Beam, I was a little taken aback. They built a new gift shop which is huge. Let me back up a bit, last time I was there in 2005 they let us tour the distillers house which is from the 1800’s then after the tour there was a nice girl handing out samples. I was talking to her and being friendly, and she kept feeding me shots, so much so I almost got really drunk. Fast forward to 2013, the distellers house is closed to the public, and they handed me a electronic card which allowed me to go to a machine and get two shot of various brands of whiskey. Though I understand why, I think it’s horseshit.  I don’t think that’s what Bourbon Whiskey is all about.

That night I decided to go get some local flavor. I had dinner at a little place called Mammy’s Kitchen. The food…awesome, but what really knocked me back was the Peach Cobbler. Holy shit I almost had to change my panties it was so good. After that I decided to take the advice of the Cracker Barrel waitress and try out The Old Tavern. It was very nice, and had a lot of charactor. A really good band was playing, called Big Black Cadiilac. They played old time rock, some blues, and some 70’s/80’s stuff too.  I was drinking, and making friends with the bartender who was pretty cute. We did a couple shots together. With all that I was starting to feel pretty good. So the band started playing Stevie Ray Vaughn, Pride and Joy. I thought they know this, they got to know Sweet Home Chicago. So I bought the band a round of shots, and asked them to play it. They did. I went nuts started dancing, and singing along. A group of girls joined me on the dance floor. I had to drink, and bought at least 100 dollars in booze, my tab only was 28 bucks, needless to say I left a big tip. They closed at 1, so I left about 12:30,  and on the way to my car I noticed Mammy’s was still open, so I walked in. They have a little bar there, some acoustic guy was playing. I decided to have one there. I started to talk to the bartender, and after awhile we started getting deep. She told me about her problems, I replied with some of my wisdom. She looked at me, and said, “Wow, I never thought of it that way, thank you”  It feels good that maybe I helped a complete stranger, and that she might remember me long after I’m gone. She then said, “You hungry?” I said, “Does a frog have a water tight ass?”  She laughed, she went in back came back with one of thee best pulled pork sandwiches I ever had, or it could of been I was drunk and hungry. Either way it was good, and it was on the house. After that they closed, I went back to my hotel exhausted after all my adventures.

Next morning, it was time to return from whence I came. Before I started my trip home I had once more task to grab some breakfast, and thank that waitress….alas she was not working. So I returned home and when I got closer to Illinois it started to rain and get colder…I knew I was home.


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  1. I’m glad you had fun! Its what you needed. 😉

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