Honor, and Respect

Today is my Grandfather’s 90th birthday, technically is not of my blood. My Grandmother divorced before I was born, and remarried this man. Let me tell you of this man.

When I was 5 or 6, He would chase trains for miles, just because I loved seeing Cabooses. He taught me a great many things like how to rollerskate, and to have a good sense of humor. I remember at Halloween, I would stay by his house, and he would bang a wall to try to scare me, or do something goofy.

The man loved me like I was his own, and he was always there for me through thick or thin, never judging me.  So I will always be there for him.

Happy Birthday Grandpa, I love you.

One Response to “Honor, and Respect”

  1. Well said hun! Glad you guys had that party for him. Hes such a sweetheart! What a amazing man! Happy 90th to your grampa! Xoxo

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