Strange goings on.

So last night I go drop off a bartender bottle opener that somehow ended up in my pocket Sunday night. I was walking in, and in the alley alcove behind the bar one of my favorite waittresses called to me, “Hey you.”  She was smoking, and I replied, “Hellloo. What’s going on here?”  We chatted a bit, then she goes, “Do you like Banana Bread?”  I replied, “Is the Pope Catholic? ”  Hell yes he is.  So she went in to the bar, and returned with a alumunim foil wrapped thing, like it was a pound of weed or something. It was funny, it just seemed like a seedy scene from a movie. Though it is like drugs cause this stuff is the bomb, it’s bananna bread with chocolate chips, and like a vanilla frosting.

I’d do a hit for her this stuff is that good. 

After that I went over to one of Jackasses exgirlfriends, she called me out of the blue to fix her computers. We were friends before Jackass started dating, and the reason why we don’t really talk isn’t because Jackass broke up with her, it’s cause her best friend dates a person I loathe now, and would probably beat the shit out of if I saw hime drunk.  I am good at what I do, and I work cheaper then a 2 dollar whore. So now I’m heading to Vegas. I fifgured I’m gonna charge this chick.  I work on a couple different computers for about an hour and a half, and I’m almost done. She goes I got you a gift, a big bottle of Grey Goose. Vodka not my drink of choice but it’s a 30-40 dollar bottle of booze. I don’t refuse so when I’m done. Original plan was to charge her 50 bucks, totally reasonable cause Geek Squad would of charged 200 bucks no doubt, alas I don’t have the heart to ask her for money.

I’m mad at myself, I’m such a pussy, but at least I’m a banana bread eating, drunken pussy


2 Responses to “Strange goings on.”

  1. I thought your story was going to end with you getting some ass or breat feeding. Instead you got milk and cookies. Not too shabby

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