Now I’m really pissed

Ok Obviously mentioning someones real name is creating quite a stir. I mentioned Big Scott. Do people know how many Scott’s I know? Do people know how many Big Scotts I know? Do you know how many Fat Tony’s I know? 10 of em, but thats a different story.

The reason I don’t bring it up to Scott that he is getting on my last nerve, is for the simple reason that I have a bad temper. It takes a while for it to get going, but it’s bad when it does. So talking to Scott will not end up good for either of us, not saying I’ll beat his ass, hell he might beat the fuck out of me. The problem is I’m fucking nuts….Let me tell you a story back in the day someone pissed me off,  we got into a fight. I remember grabbing the guy by the face, and wanting to fucking pluck his eyeballs out with my thumbs.  If it wasn’t for my friends pulling me off, I would of killed him.  When I let loose, it isn’t good…not for me.  I have worked to hard to build myself back up, to end up back in jail over a stupid mother fucker like Scott.

So to me it’s best if I don’t raise my temper, and not even go there.  Someone said he reads my blog, and I’m sure one of his “friends” will tell him. 

Scott’s a nice guy why am I pissed then?… I’ll tell you why

A. A friend of mine I’ll call Bob is kind of a small guy. When your a bigger guy, you have to use some restraint when dealing with them, sure if they try to harm you in any way, go for the juggler. But words are words, I’ve been called every name in the book, and if it’s a little guy I laugh, cause I know I can crush them. Not Scott he punches my buddy in the face . Not only that he would intimidate Bob at the bar after that, stare him down, and other creepy shit.

– Strike One

B. At Olympic Star, The place where I consider as holy as a church because of my history of the place, The nice guy went outside specifically to start shit with two of my other friends. Instead of talking about it like civilized people – Strike Two

C. The latest incident was Saturday where he not got only got in the face of one of my friends, he got in the face of my friend Jackass who is like a brother to me.  – Strike Three and the last straw.

Bottom line, No I don’t want to talk to him about it. I will keep the peace ALWAYS.  But if a mother fucker no matter who it is brings harm to those that I care about. There are no lengths I would go to, to make sure that person knows the error of it’s ways.   

Thats all I’m going to say about it, I’m done.

Feel free to email me.


6 Responses to “Now I’m really pissed”

  1. River For President!

  2. Well first off you say e-mail you cuz you are done talking about this in public but it is not fair for the others to not be heard, this may be your blog but when you tell everyone in town to read it then it becomes public, and let’s be fair you were the one who started shit talking about the suppoesed bully ( see the irony? ).

    2nd: The thing with “Bob” was also resolved by the supposed bully, and if you were to get your facts straight the “bully” showed enormous restraint over the course of the whole night, yes that’s right it was a whole night of crap that led to the one incident at the end of the night, bet you weren’t aware of that. I had talked to mr bully about that night in detail after it happened and “Bob” eventually admitted he was in the wrong and most importantly the bully didn’t throw the first punch, bet you didn’t know that either.

    3rd: The incident at O.S. was taken outside so that there was no scene being made inside and there was no intention to get into a fist fight. Why do I believe this? Cuz the “Bully” went outside by himself to talk to 2 guys, do you really think his intention was to fight them both? Come on use some common sense.

    4th: The incident on Saturday the way describe is a total lie. LET ME REPEAT A TOTAL LIE. Yes he had words with one of your friends from the O.S. that was something that was started by your friend in the bathroom and he was trying to figure out what he said, again it was him alone with about 6-7 of your friends. He told your friend to walk away and your friend mouthed off to him, contrary to what a “Bully” would do,also that guys friend grabbed the bullys arm, did he punch him? NO. Why? cuz Mr bully is always trying to stop things before they get out of hand. I would have punched someone if they grabbed me.

    5th: To address the issue with your friend Jackass. That is also a lie. There was numerous witness’s that saw Jackass push “bully” not once but 3 times and “bully” told him to stay out of it. I think if he were trying to start a fight he would have had reason to kick the shit out of the 2 people that grabbed or pushed him BUT HE DIDN’T,how unbullyish of him.

    HMMMM KINDA MAKES YOU WONDER WHAT YOUR REAL ISSUE IS WITH THIS GUY. Wait!! That’s right he dated 2 girls that you have a crush on. WOW I just figured it out.

    Just as a side note River in your own words you would attack someone if they did you wrong whether verbally physically or if they did something to a friend of yours so even assuming that you were 100% right about “bully” what makes him any more wrong than you? Before you go spouting off any more about how bad of a person he supposedly is take a look at yourself.

    P.S. The “Bully” I know is a very kind and great person and I don’t think he would have as many friends as he does if he were like you say. You should get to know someone before you slander him. ( I use the term slander cuz it fits-slander=lies ) I think if you asked around you would find that he tends to avoids fights but being a bigger guy people try to push his buttons. I have witnessed this happen before to him and he was minding his own business and he walked away, but you can only take so much.

    It’s kind of funny that when you start to get a response to your ramblings that the facts come out, no wonder you didn’t want to talk to him.

    P.S.S Does he even know that you are writing this stuff. i expect some sort of bad ass response to that like: “I don’t give a fuck”


  3. First off, if I was a close minded jerk, I would just delete your comment…now wouldn’t I. I gave you a voice on my blog. Give me that much credit. He knows I wrote about him. He told another one of my friends. So it’s no secret. Since you continue to keep this on a public forum. I will defend myself yet again.

    2nd : The incident with Bob was resolved before or after he beat the shit out of him?

    3rd: Why couldnt the issue would be resolved inside O.S. if nothing was going to happen? He went out there with intent, you didn’t see his eyes, I did. That intent I didn’t like at the place where I practically grew up.

    4th: The way it went down Saturday is all I saw. All I saw was Scott in my friends faces. I will defend them to the death if it happened again.

    5th: He’s more then welcome to defend himself, but for every action there is consequence.

    The Real Issue is if I had a crush on every girl that hung out with me, I would quickly be broke at Valentines day. I don’t have any crush on any girl that he dated. I am no longer in High School. Sure there are girls that I like, but tell you the truth I could take em…or leave em.

    As a side note, I have taken a hard long look at myself. I am a bad person. I am a bully, I am a mother fucker, I am a drunk, I am an asshole. Do you read my blog, I’ve been to prison, you don’t go there for selling girl scout cookies. So no secrets there. But I come to peace on who I am, and I try to rise up from my past to become something better, or maybe worse time will tell.

    P.S. Yeah I don’t know if you noticed, I’m not a small fry either. But I manage to avoid alot of confrontation? Why is that?

    I did talk to him, he doesn’t listen to me. I tried to ignore him, but he continues to hang out where I do.

    P.S.S. Like I said he knows I write this stuff, If he didn’t I’m sure you would tell him because your such a good friend of his, and I do give a fuck. That’s why I’m writing about it.

    Now a question for you, if your so right. Why use a fake email address? Why hide who you are, if Scott is such a good guy? Cause your afraid, your afraid I may just be right?


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  5. “I’ve been to prison and you don’t go there for selling girlscout cookies.” …LMAO. Hey Riv, can I have a box of Thin Mints? I just love those things! 🙂

  6. So do I…Try them Frozen…Their pretty good that way.

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