Monday Hangover

Well here we are another Monday, as we creep ever onward through the end of the year.

Friday, I just chilled and relaxed at home.

Saturday, I had a wedding. I put out all the stops for this one, new suit, new shoes, new tie. I unloaded the wallet.  It was my stepsisters wedding, though we aren’t close, it is family…and family is family. Plus I wanted to make sure my grandma gets to see me dressed to the nines, she hardly ever does see me dressed up. She gets a kick out of it, plus my Dad was there and I enjoy hanging out with my father.

Couple things of note….

– I brought a girl, she looked beautiful in her dress, and she was very friendly and well mannered at the wedding. I was surprised I didn’t think she would say one word.

-One other thing is the Wedding was at Belvedere’s, and it was supposed to be premium bar. I had a taste for Jim Beam…NO JIM. What the hell….What kind of premium bar is that?

– Normally I try to stay nice to everyone, I don’t want any trouble in the confines of Tinley Park, or any place I hang out. It’s to the point where I’m almost two-faced, but I have to be. There’s a guy though, Big Scott who is pissing me off. He fucks with my friends one more time I’m gonna revert to the Old River, He wouldn’t want that. I’ll dump him in the Cal Sag, only after redefining the word pain for him.

-I stayed somewhat sober because I would have to drive the girl home, and I am chivalric if not anything, but her sister came out to the bar we were at. The sister drove her home, I only mention it because I got pissed, I could of got hammered too.

I made up for it Sunday, started with the Early Times Whiskey. Oh dear. Not all the Sunday Crew was there, and we missed them. JackAss and a guy I’ll call Mr. Montabon had me rolling. Jackass didn’t go to bed all night, and was hammered. Met some nice girls. EIU, Arby’s and Puddlejumper. I grabbed a martini and the girls were calling me Miranda from Sex in the City. I also made 3 dollars from giving a girl a lapdance. Football season is coming to an end almost, and really going to miss our Sunday crew.  I got really hammered early, and I just rode the wave.

I watched Stepbrothers last night, and it was pretty funny. If you liked Tallagdega nights you’ll like this one.

5 Responses to “Monday Hangover”

  1. You only made $3 off of a lap dance? Sounds like you need some better moves. … P.S. I want my $3 back. 🙂


    heck riv, i would have given ya twenty. that includes ur panties though.

  3. Good Girl Says:

    Wow River I have lost alot of respect for you, I can’t believe you are going to comment on the situation about Big Scott without even knowing the whole story. First you call him a Big Bully which I can attest from knowing him personally he is 100% the opposite. Secondly you know the person he had a problem with can act like a real jerk when he is drinking and around his friends, I think you have something against him personally and you should talk to him about that instead of slandering him on the internet. Big Scott is probably the nicest and easiest guy to talk to and is the first one to admit when he is wrong. Its funny I saw you out this weekend and you were right next to him but yet you acted ike he was your friend, maybe you should let him know what you are writing about him. FYI He worked it out with your friend and he was the one that was wanting to put everything behind him. Translation: He manned up and did the right thing.

  4. I think I just threw up in my mouth a little bit.

  5. theeriver Says:

    @Good Girl – Is he 100% opposite? Ask my buddy who is about 5 foot nothing who he punched in the face.

    Know all the facts before you open your mouth.

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